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In this paper we introduce the idea of explaining responses, in one cortical area, in terms of an interaction between the influence of another area and some experimental (sensory or task-related) parameter. We refer to these effects as psychophysiological interactions and relate them to interactions based solely on experimental factors (i.e., psychological(More)
In text, lexical cohesion is the result of chains of related words that contribute to the continuity of lexical meaning. These lexical chains are a direct result of units of text being "about the same thing," and finding text structure involves finding units of text that are about the same thing. Hence, computing the chains is useful, since they will have a(More)
Lesion studies indicate distinct neural systems for recognition of facial identity and emotion. Split-brain experiments also suggest that emotional evaluation of a stimulus can occur without conscious identification. The present study tested a hypothesis of a differential neural response, independent of explicit conscious mediation, to emotional compared to(More)
Most cerebral imaging studies of patients with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) have noted subtle atrophy, although the full extent of atrophy and any correlates to clinical features have not been determined. We used voxel-based morphometry analysis of grey matter, white matter and CSF on MRI brain scans to map the statistical probability of regional(More)
There have been no previous three-dimensional volumetric studies of regional brain atrophy in patients with pathologically confirmed progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). Postmortem cortical and subcortical volumes were compared with neuropathology in 9 patients with PSP, 15 patients with Parkinson's disease, 10 patients with dementia with Lewy bodies, and(More)
Translucent, avirulent spontaneous phase variants of Vibrio vulnificus MO6-24 reverted back to the original opaque, encapsulated phenotype under both in vivo and in vitro conditions. Two translucent, acapsular mutants, which did not show phase variation, were constructed by using the transposon Tn5 IS50L::phoA (TnphoA). Loss of capsule was accompanied by(More)
PURPOSE This article examines various technical challenges inherent in the design, implementation, and dissemination of health care quality performance measures. DESIGN AND METHODS Using national and state-specific Minimum Data Set data from 1999, we examined sample size, measure stability, creation of ordinal ranks, and risk adjustment as applied to(More)
Vibrio vulnificus is a potentially lethal human pathogen capable of producing septicemia in susceptible persons. Disease is almost always associated with consumption of seafood, particularly raw oysters, or with exposure of wounds to seawater. An oligonucleotide DNA probe (V. vulnificus alkaline phosphatase-labeled DNA probe [VVAP]), previously shown to be(More)