John Morison

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This Essay assesses the achievement of restoring representative government and also considers whether this is enough given the changes that have occurred since last there was devolved government in Northern Ireland. Finally, it examines those aspects of the Agreement that can be developed in line with a view that the constitution should now be seen much(More)
This proposal is being submitted by 3 researchers who came together for the first time at the EPSRC Ideas Factory sandpit on Scientific Uncertainty and Decision-making. Since this is a new idea, generated at the sandpit, we have not worked on it before: in fact, no-one has. However, we have researched areas relevant to this proposal. We have complementary(More)
Our focus in this Article is not predominantly on the doctrinal intricacies of the constitutional framework in Northern Ireland. In fact, while we acknowledge the considerable sophistication of that framework, one of our contentions is that an overly legalistic focus on the shape and forms of constitutional architecture masks key questions concerning the(More)
The concept of home appears to be in need of legal counsel. Although the term is instantly familiar, and the physical reality is an important feature of our everyday lives, the legal concept of home has received surprisingly little attention. As laypersons we know that there is „no place like home‟, that „home is where the heart is‟, and that „a man‟s home(More)
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