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Information Gatekeepers on the Internet and the Competitiveness of Homogeneous Product Markets
We examine the equilibrium interaction between a market for price information (controlled by a gatekeeper) and the homogenous product market it serves. The gatekeeper charges fees to firms thatExpand
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Real homotopy theory of Kähler manifolds
1. Homotopy Theory of Differential Algebras . . . . . . . . . . 248 2. De Rham Homotopy Theory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 254 3. Relation between De Rham Homotopy Theory and Classical HomotopyExpand
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Information, Search, and Price Dispersion
We provide a unified treatment of alternative models of information acquisition/transmission that have been advanced to rationalize price dispersion in online and offline markets for homogeneousExpand
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Price Dispersion in the Small and in the Large: Evidence from an Internet Price Comparison Site
This paper examines 4 million daily price observations for over 1000 consumer electronics products on the price comparison site Shopper.com. We find little support for the notion that prices on theExpand
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A Model of Expertise
We study a model in which perfectly informed experts offer advice to a decision maker whose actions affect the welfare of all. Experts are biased and thus may wish to pull the decision maker inExpand
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An Analysis of the War of Attrition and the All-Pay Auction
We study the war of attrition and the all-pay auction when players' signals are affiliated and symmetrically distributed. We (a) find sufficient conditions for the existence of symmetric monotonicExpand
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The art of conversation: eliciting information from experts through multi-stage communication
We examine the strategic interaction between an informed expert and an uninformed decision maker, extending the analysis of Crawford and Sobel (Econometrica 50 (1982) 1431). Expand
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Cheap Talk
In the context of games of incomplete information, the term “cheap talk” refers to direct and costless communication among players. Cheap-talk models should be contrasted with more standardExpand
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An Analysis of Stock Recommendations
We analyze the information content of stock recommendations by a sell-side equity analyst when investors are uncertain about the analyst's incentives. In our model, an analyst can either beExpand
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...Plus Shipping and Handling: Revenue (Non) Equivalence in Field Experiments on eBay
Many firms divide the price a consumer pays for a good into two pieces---the price for the item itself and the price for shipping and handling. With fully rational customers, the exact divisionExpand
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