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OBJECTIVE To investigate cardiorespiratory and perceptual responses to exercise in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), accounting for comorbid fibromyalgia (FM) and controlling for aerobic fitness. METHODS Twenty-nine patients with CFS only, 23 patients with CFS plus FM, and 32 controls completed an incremental bicycle test to exhaustion.(More)
PURPOSE To determine the effect of submaximal steady-state exercise on cognitive performance in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) alone, CFS with comorbid fibromyalgia FM (CFS + FM), and sedentary healthy controls (CON). METHODS Twenty CFS-only patients, 19 CFS + FM, and 26 CON completed a battery of cognitive tests designed to assess speed of(More)
Fatigue in the elderly population is a complex phenomenon. Although a number of factors contributing to the fatigue have been identified, its basic mechanism remains elusive. Additional research on prevalence, identification, diagnosis, severity of fatigue, and associated factors and the role of exercise as an effective treatment modality could lead to a(More)
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