John Moody

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We carried out a one-year project to build a portable speech-to-speech translation system in a new language that could run on a small portable computer. Croatian was chosen as the target language. The resulting system was tested with real users on a trip to Croatia in the spring of 2001. We describe its basic components, the methods we used to build them,(More)
We investigate repeated matrix games with stochastic players as a microcosm for studying dynamic, multi-agent interactions using the Stochastic Direct Reinforcement (SDR) policy gradient algorithm. SDR is a generalization of Recurrent Reinforcement Learning (RRL) that supports stochas-tic policies. Unlike other RL algorithms, SDR and RRL use recurrent(More)
Macroeconomic forecasting is a very difficult task due to the lack of an accurate, convincing model of the economy. The most accurate models for economic forecasting, " black box " time series models, assume little about the structure of the economy. Constructing reliable time series models is challenging due to short data series, high noise levels,(More)
The Tongues portable, rapid-development, speech-to-speech machine translation system was developed specifically to allow a realistic field-test of a deployable prototype. In this paper we will describe the system, its field-testing using regular US Army officers and naive Croatians, and the evaluation of these tests. The evaluation includes analysis of(More)
This paper describes building of the basic components, particularly speech recognition and synthesis, of a speech-to-speech translation system. This work is described within the framework of the " Tongues: small footprint speech-to-speech translation device " developed at CMU and Lock-heed Martin for use by US Army Chaplains.
— Many gauge field theories can be described using a multisymplectic Lagrangian formulation, where the Lagrangian density involves space-time differential forms. While there has been much work on finite-element exterior calculus for spatial and tensor product space-time domains, there has been less done from the perspective of space-time simplicial(More)