John Moody

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Clonal plant growth is common in aquatic freshwater plants and their success is largely attributed to the sharing of resources (e.g., photosynthates, minerals, and water) within the greater genet. The flow of materials within the clone is largely driven by source-sink dynamics, and in established genets may involve acropetal and/or basipetal flow. During(More)
The Tongues portable, rapid-development, speech-to-speech machine translation system was developed specifically to allow a realistic field-test of a deployable prototype. In this paper we will describe the system, its field-testing using regular US Army officers and naive Croatians, and the evaluation of these tests. The evaluation includes analysis of(More)
This paper describes building of the basic components, particularly speech recognition and synthesis, of a speech-to-speech translation system. This work is described within the framework of the " Tongues: small footprint speech-to-speech translation device " developed at CMU and Lock-heed Martin for use by US Army Chaplains.
In this work, we present two alternative yet equivalent representation for-mulae for Whitney forms that are valid for any choice of coordinates, and generalizes the original characterization of Whitney forms in [12] that requires the use of barycentric coordinates. In addition, we demonstrate that these formulae appropriately generalize the notion of(More)
— Many gauge field theories can be described using a multisymplectic Lagrangian formulation, where the Lagrangian density involves space-time differential forms. While there has been much work on finite-element exterior calculus for spatial and tensor product space-time domains, there has been less done from the perspective of space-time simplicial(More)
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