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Erectile dysfunction is mainly due to the inability of the cavernosal smooth muscle of the penis to undergo complete relaxation. In the aging rat model, erectile dysfunction is accompanied by a reduction of penile smooth muscle compliance and, in very old animals, by a decrease in penile nitric oxide synthase (NOS), which is responsible for the synthesis of(More)
The self-organizing m ap (SOM) is a method that represents statistical data sets in an ordered fashion, as a natural groundwork on which t h e distributions of the individual indicators in the set can be displayed and analyzed. As a case study that instructs how to use the SOM to compare states of economic systems, the standard of living of different(More)
This study examines the potential of Bordetella bronchiseptica to act as a human pathogen. After encountering two patients from whom B. bronchiseptica was isolated, we searched the literature and found 23 reports in which a human infection was reported in association with B. bronchiseptica. As a basis for evaluating these cases, we summarize the literature(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the period prevalence of Clostridium difficile disease and asymptomatic carriage in the residents of long-term care facilities (LTCF) and to characterize the risk factors for colonization or associated disease. DESIGN Period prevalence survey. SETTING Two long-term care facilities in St. Paul, MN. PARTICIPANTS Specimens were(More)
An in vitro pharmacodynamic system has been successfully adapted to simulate in vivo antimicrobial pharmacokinetics under anaerobic conditions. This system was used to perform time-kill kinetic studies which were designed to compare the activity of temafloxacin to ciprofloxacin and cefotetan against two strains of Bacteroides fragilis (ATCC 25285 and ATCC(More)
Feedforward networks composed of units which compute a sigmoidal function of a weighted sum of their inputs have been much investigated. We tested the approximation and estimation capabilities of networks using functions more complex than sigmoids. Three classes of functions were tested: polynomials, rational functions, and flexible Fourier series. Unlike(More)
The response of a glass batch to heating is determined by the batch makeup and in turn determines the rate of melting. Batches formulated for a high-alumina nuclear waste to be vitrified in an all-electric melter were heated at a constant temperature-increase rate to determine changes in melting behavior in response to the selection of batch chemicals and(More)