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Monteith J L. Light distribution and photosynthesis in field crops. The distribution of light in a crop canopy is described by the binomial expansion of an expression containing parameters for the area, geometry, and transmissivity of individual leaves. Crop photosynthesis is calculated assuming a hyperbolic light response and daily photosynthesis rate is(More)
The amount of biomass accumulated by a crop stand per unit of water transpired is referred to as a Biomass Water Ratio (BWR). The paper is mainly concerned with the dependence of BWR on climatic factors, in particular, saturation vapour pressure deficit (D) and precipitation (P) with which D is highly correlated in a mediterranean climate. A method is(More)
The priority of the National Health System in South Africa is primary health care (PHC). The approach involves a health system led by PHC services and includes personal and curative services for acute minor ailments delivered by PHC nurses. The nurses are also responsible for the treatment of these ailments with essential drugs according to protocols as(More)
  • A. E. Wheldon, J. L. Monteith
  • 1980
The performance of a skin evaporimeter is analysed in terms of three resistances to the diffusion of water vapour. The instrument underestimates evaporation when the resistance of the probe rp is greater than the boundary layer resistance it replaces ra. The underestimation is trivial and the manufacturer's calibration is valid when the skin resistanee rs(More)
A model sheep, made from metal cylinders and hemispheres, was heated electrically. Heat loss by forced convection in a wind tunnel was analysed in terms of the dependence of the Nusselt number (Nu) on Reynolds number (Re). For a bare trunk Nu = 0.095 Re0.684, but with fleece covering the trunk to a depth of 3.5 cm, Nu = 0.0112 Re0.875 when the mean(More)
An in situ field test on nine commonly-used soil water sensors was carried out in a sandy loam soil located in the Potato Research Center, Fredericton, NB (Canada) using the gravimetric method as a reference. The results showed that among the tested sensors, regardless of installation depths and soil water regimes, CS615, Trase, and Troxler performed the(More)