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A two-factor awareness-appraisal model suggests that individuals’ reactions to threatening circumstances are shaped by their awareness of the threat and their appraisal of the degree of threat the circumstances pose to them. This approach, applied to watershed conservation, predicts that individuals will be willing to clean up the rivers and streams of(More)
The stabilizing effects of dispersion management (DM) at second and third order are studied for both single-channel and wavelength-division multiplexed (WDM) systems. We first derive a model for the slow evolution of a pulse in an optical fiber with high-order dispersion management (HODM). For single-channel systems, in contrast with conventional DM with(More)
Short-range correlated uniform noise in the dispersion coefficient, inherent in many types of optical fibers, broadens and eventually destroys all initially ultra-short pulses. However, under the constraint that the integral of the random component of the dispersion coefficient is set to zero (pinned), periodically or quasi-periodically along the fiber, the(More)
Pulseless idioventricular rhythm is the agonal arrhythmia identified in three models of hemorrhagic shock used in this study. This arrhythmia is preceded by atrial and then junctional arrest demonstrated by His electrocardiography in all nine dogs studied. Two additional dogs were used as controls. Acid-base and electrolyte changes were not sufficient to(More)
X-band rapid-scan EPR was implemented on a commercially available Bruker ELEXSYS E580 spectrometer. Room temperature rapid-scan and continuous-wave EPR spectra were recorded for amorphous silicon powder samples. By comparing the resulting signal intensities the feasibility of performing quantitative rapid-scan EPR is demonstrated. For different hydrogenated(More)
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