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Performance evaluation of stereo or motion analysis techniques is commonly done either on synthetic data where the ground truth can be calculated from ray-tracing principals, or on engineered data where ground truth is easy to estimate. Furthermore, these scenes are usually only shown in a very short sequence of images. This paper shows why synthetic scenes(More)
The Caltech HIgh-speed Multi-color camERA (CHIMERA) is a new instrument that has been developed for use at the prime focus of the Hale 200-inch telescope. Simultaneous optical imaging in two bands is enabled by a dichroic beam splitter centered at 567 nm, with Sloan u and g bands available on the blue arm and Sloan r , i and z s bands available on the red(More)
—The number of malicious applications, sometimes known as malapps, in Android smartphones has increased significantly in recent years. Malapp writers abuse repack-aging techniques to rebuild applications with code changes. Existing anti-malware applications do not successfully defeat or defend against the repackaged malapps due to numerous variants.(More)
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