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Advances in assay technology have promoted thyrotropin (TSH) measurements from participation in a multi-analyte assessment of thyroid function to a statistically defined screening parameter in its own right. While this approach has been successful in many ways, it has some grave limitations. This includes the basic question of what constitutes an agreed(More)
5- and 6-Hydroxydopamine, which we had earlier identified as naturally occurring amines in human urine, were quantified in Parkinson's patients treated with L-DOPA, Parkinson's patients whose treatment did not include L-DOPA and in age matched controls. Analysis was carried out by GC-MS of the ditrifluoromethylbenzoyl-trimethylsilyl (DTFMB-TMS) derivatives(More)
The development of a radiochemical enzyme assay for p-octopamine in 1969 led to its identification in a large number of invertebrate nerve systems and in mammalian sympathetic nerves. The original method by which p-octopamine was measured has now been found to be nonspecific; however, modifications of this procedure can determine both m- and p-octopamine.(More)
We achieve two goals in this paper: (1) to build a novel appearance-based object representation that takes into account variations in contrast often found in training images; (2) to develop a robust appearance-based detection scheme that can handle outliers such as occlusion and structured noise. To build the representation, we decompose the input ensemble(More)
Some beetles are as useful as blow flies for estimating the minimum post mortem interval (PMImin) or time since death. Examples include Thanatophilus micans (Fabricius) and Thanatophilus mutilatus (Castelneau), two geographically and ecologically overlapping African beetles. Molecular means of identifying these species, descriptions of their natural(More)
Several influences modulate biochemical responses to a weight-adjusted levothyroxine (l-T4) replacement dose. We conducted a secondary analysis of the relationship of l-T4 dose to TSH and free T3 (FT3), using a prospective observational study examining the interacting equilibria between thyroid parameters. We studied 353 patients on steady-state l-T4(More)
The expression of a cloned Drosophila octopamine/tyramine receptor (OctyR99AB) is described in Xenopus oocytes. Agonist stimulation of OctyR99AB receptors increased intracellular Ca2+ levels monitored as changes in the endogenous inward Ca2+-dependent chloride current. The receptor is preferentially sensitive to biogenic amines with a single hydroxyl on the(More)
The long-held concept of a proportional negative feedback control between the thyroid and pituitary glands requires reconsideration in the light of more recent studies. Homeostatic equilibria depend on dynamic inter-relationships between thyroid hormones and pituitary thyrotropin (TSH). They display a high degree of individuality, thyroid-state-related(More)
Procedures were developed for the determination of 17 circulating amines using gas chromatography-negative ion chemical ionisation mass spectrometry. The amines were quantified against their appropriate deuterated isotopomers. The mean concentrations and ranges of catecholamines and trace amines were high compared with previous studies. In comparison with(More)