John Michael Acob

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One of the most important tasks in robotic applications is trajectory tracking. For such applications it is inherently important that the system obtains a high tracking performance. A widespread control method for trajectory tracking is PD control, which is well-known for its ease of implementation and acceptable tracking performance. However, for tasks(More)
When combined with a piezoelectric actuator, a mechanical amplifier can achieve high resolution and long range motion. In this paper, a previously proposed compliant mechanical amplifier based on a symmetric five bar structure was studied for performance optimization. The amplifier was optimized based on its most significant design parameters with goals of(More)
In this paper, a new position domain PD control is proposed to control a multi-DOF nonlinear robotic manipulator for the purpose of improving contour tracking performance. To develop this new position domain control system, a robotic manipulator is treated as a master-slave system where the master motion is used as an independent reference through(More)
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