John Meredith

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BACKGROUND This paper presents the findings of a 13-month lean implementation in National Health Service (NHS) primary care health visiting services from May 2008 to June 2009. METHOD Lean was chosen for this study because of its reported success in other healthcare organisations. Value-stream mapping was utilised to map out essential tasks for the(More)
INTRODUCTION Different methods for the analysis of behavioral observation data were compared to evaluate how the interpretation of a data set may depend on the analysis method employed. METHODS Three methods of analysis were used to evaluate the same four sets of rodent behavioral FOB data: (1) evaluation by a trained behavioral toxicologist (ToxRev); (2)(More)
Verubecestat 3 (MK-8931), a diaryl amide-substituted 3-imino-1,2,4-thiadiazinane 1,1-dioxide derivative, is a high-affinity β-site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1) inhibitor currently undergoing Phase 3 clinical evaluation for the treatment of mild to moderate and prodromal Alzheimer's disease. Although not selective over the closely(More)
BACKGROUND Deployment of electronic patient records (EPRs) is one of the primary goals of national NHS information technology (IT) initiatives. However, many systems come into disrepute through poor planning or design flaws, and media scrutiny focuses on these problems rather than the potential gains. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the deployment of an EPR in a(More)
tinguish one great, characteristic ailment among them,'and that was anaemia in various degrees of intensity. With some latitude I would class the varieties into three, basing the division more upon the immediate causes of them than upon any leading feature or symptom of the disorder itself. First came that form of ana;mia which was the result of persistent(More)
uterine tumours or polypi were present. I found many women peculiarly susceptible to sewer air, and similar effluvia. These persons, when exposed to them, suffered from much loss at the monthly periods; the periods were protracted over many days beyond the usual time, and, soon returning, left but short intervals of freedom. Such patients soon appear(More)
top of the fence. A large number of the Assamese villages are thus surrounded. I noticed many instances of this among villages situated on what I believed to be excessively malarial sites at the foot of the Naga range of hills, in the district of Seebsaugor, the inhabitants of which appeared all to enjoy average health and comfort; and even imported(More)
on other subjects. The late Professor John Goodsir used to teach in his class, regarding connective tissue, that if it were possible to remove from the body every one of its organs, of whatever nature, and leave behind only this tissue wholly, and in position, there still would remain the clear and distinct outline of every one of the removed organs,(More)