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Immigration After DOMA: How Equal is Marriage Equality?
U.S.-Vietnam Relations: Is Now the Time?
Abstract : Have recent developments in Indochina made it advisable for the United States to restore diplomatic relations and end the associated trade embargo on Vietnam? The United States has had noExpand
Policy, Politics, and Process: The 1987 Energy Security Study
Abstract : In the fall of 1986, the Reagan Administration was confronted with a political problem that was the fruit of a major U.S. policy success. For eight years, both the Reagan and CarterExpand
The U.S. Air Force Transformed Approach to Military Family Housing: An Organizational Routine Case Study in Change and Learning
In 1996, the U.S. Congress initiated a change to the Department of Defense (DOD) military family housing program. Applying organizational learning and change theories, this study of the Department ofExpand