John McNeill

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Jitter in ring oscillators is theoretically described, and predictions are experimentally verified. A design procedure is developed in the context of time domain measures of oscillator jitter in a phase-locked loop (PLL). A major contribution is the identification of a design figure of merit , which is independent of the number of stages in the ring. This(More)
Ubiquitous computing describes the notion that computing devices will be everywhere: clothing, walls and floors of buildings, cars, forests, deserts, etc. Ubiquitous computing is becoming a reality: RFIDs are currently being introduced into the supply chain. Wireless distributed sensor networks (WSN) are already being used to monitor wildlife and to track(More)
Changes to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature are decided on every 6 years at Nomenclature Sections associated with International Botanical Congresses (IBC). The XVIII IBC was held in Melbourne, Australia; the Nomenclature Section met on 18-22 July 2011 and its decisions were accepted by the Congress at its plenary session on 30 July. Several(More)
Polan, C. E. (North Carolina State of the University of North Carolina, Raleigh), J. J. McNeill, and S. B. Tove. Biohydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids by rumen bacteria. J. Bacteriol. 88:1056-1064. 1964.-A simple, rapid, specific assay for the biohydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids was developed. With this assay, it was shown that washed(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the characteristics of patients with and without positive surgical margins (PSMs) and to analyse the impact of PSMs on secondary cancer treatment after radical prostatectomy (RP), with short-term follow-up. PATIENTS AND METHODS We analysed data from 2385 consecutive patients treated using RP, who were notified to the Prostate Cancer(More)
The abolition of the separate naming of different morphs of the same fungal species in 2011 will inevitably result in many name changes in some genera. The working practices commended here are intended to minimize one category of these changes, that which can arise as a consequence of an author using the epithet of an asexual morph when describing the(More)
A set of terms recommended for use in facilitating communication in biological nomenclature is presented as a table showing broadly equivalent terms used in the traditional Codes of nomenclature. These terms are intended to help those engaged in naming across organism groups, and are the result of the work of the International Committee on Bionomenclature,(More)
RésuméLes changements au CodeInternational de Nomenclature Botanique sont décidés tous les 6 ans aux Sections de Nomenclature associées aux Congrès Internationaux de Botanique (CIB). Le XVIII(e) CIB se tenait à Melbourne, Australie; la Section de Nomenclature s'est réunie les 18-22 juillet 2011 et ses décisions ont été acceptées par le Congrès en session(More)