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BOINC, a middleware system for volunteer computing, involves projects, which distribute jobs, and hosts, which execute jobs. The local (host-level) scheduler addresses two issues: when to fetch new jobs from a project and, of the currently runnable jobs, which to execute. It seeks to simultaneously satisfy a number of constraints - such as maintaining given(More)
BOINC, a middleware system for volunteer computing, allows hosts to be attached to multiple projects. Each host periodically requests jobs from project servers and executes the jobs. This process involves three interrelated policies: 1) of the runnable jobs on a host, which to execute? 2) when and from what project should a host request more work? 3) what(More)
Human West Nile virus (WNV) infection was first detected in Cuyahoga county, Ohio, USA, in 2002. During that year's extensive epidemic/epizootic among non-immune human and bird populations, the county experienced 155 cases of severe human West Nile neurological disease (WNND, incidence = 11.1 cases/100,000), with 11 fatalities. Structured serosurveys(More)
Historically, training, research and practice in counselling and psychotherapy have been dominated by unitary theoretical models. Although integrative and eclectic positions have been developed as alternatives, these have not been successful in generating research, and have resulted in a further proliferation of competing models. In this paper we introduce(More)