John McCorquodale

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Modern programming languages such as Java are increasingly being used to write systems programs. By " systems programs, " we mean programs that provide critical services (compilers), are long-running (Web servers), or have time-critical aspects (databases or query engines). One of the requirements of such programs is predictable behavior. Unfortunately,(More)
The formal methods community has long known about the need to formally analyze concurrent software, but the OS community has been slow to adopt such methods. The foremost reasons for this are the cultural and knowledge gaps between formalists and OS hackers, fostered by three beliefs: inaccessibility of the tools, the disabling gap between the validated(More)
Uintah is a component-based visual problem solving environment (PSE) designed to specifically address the unique problems inherent in running massively parallel scientific computations on terascale computing platforms. In particular, development of the Uintah system is part of the C-SAFE [2] effort to study the interactions between hydrocarbon fires,(More)
An advisory discouraging swimming and other primary contact recreation in Lake Pontchartrain was issued in 1985 by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (LDHH). The advisory is still in effect today for the south shore area of the lake and names fecal coliform bacteria as the causative pollutant. The suspected source of the contamination in this(More)
  • Grecia A. Teran Gonzalez, Grecia Alejandra Terán González, Grecia Alejandra Terán, John Alex McCorquodale
  • 2014
DEDICATION I want to dedicate this achievement to my family, Migue, Vero and Gabo you opened the doors of your home and took me there for all this time helping me to accomplish this important goal in my life. Mami, here and in the distance you have always been there to guide me and comfort me. Migla, you have always believed in me and encouraged me to trust(More)
ii Dedication This thesis is dedicated to my loving and supportive wife, and to my always encouraging, ever faithful parents. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank my supervising Professor, Dr. Norma Jean Mattei for her continuous guidance and encouragement throughout the duration of this thesis.
The performance characteristics of relatively shallow (3.3 and 3.7 m sidewater depth in 30.5 m diameter) activated sludge secondary clarifiers were extensively evaluated during a 2-year testing program at the City of Akron Water Reclamation Facility (WRF), Ohio, USA. Testing included hydraulic and solids loading stress tests, and measurement of sludge(More)
  The need to increase the peak wet weather secondary treatment capacity of the City of Akron, Ohio, Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) provided the opportunity to test an integrated methodology for maximizing the peak wet weather secondary treatment capacity of activated sludge systems. An initial investigation, consisting of process modeling of the(More)