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Using a high-resolution real-time arc sector scanner, fetal cardiac activity was detected in ten normal intrauterine pregnancies, including one triplet gestation, between 41 and 43 days of gestation. Fetal heart rates ranged from 96 to 120 beats/min (mean 110) and were detected contiguous with the yolk sac as a tiny blinking, flashing, and/or rocking echo(More)
Building upon recent study of cobalt-oxide electrocatalysts in fluoride-buffered electrolyte at pH 3.4, we have undertaken a mechanistic investigation of cobalt-catalyzed water oxidation in aqueous buffering electrolytes from pH 0-14. This work includes electrokinetic studies, cyclic voltammetric analysis, and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)(More)
Thin-film water oxidation catalysts (Co-Pi) prepared by electrodeposition from phosphate electrolyte and Co(NO(3))(2) have been characterized by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. Co-Pi catalyst films exhibit EPR signals corresponding to populations of both Co(II) and Co(IV). As the deposition voltage is increased into the region where(More)
Multifrequency electron paramagnetic resonace (EPR) spectroscopy and electronic structure calculations were performed on [Co(4)O(4)(C(5)H(5)N)(4)(CH(3)CO(2))(4)](+) (1(+)), a cobalt tetramer with total electron spin S = 1/2 and formal cobalt oxidation states III, III, III, and IV. The cuboidal arrangement of its cobalt and oxygen atoms is similar to that of(More)
Morphologically, the uterus in early intrauterine pregnancy, unlike ectopic pregnancy, contains both decidua and a chorionic sac. In view of this fact, a prospective study was performed to determine the accuracy of the demonstration of an intrauterine decidua-chorionic sac (DCS) in differentiating early or small intrauterine pregnancies (IUPs) without a(More)
A variety of metal oxides can catalyze the oxidation of water to molecular oxygen when polarized by a sufficiently high electrochemical potential. Minimizing the overpotential and increasing the rate of the oxygen-evolving reaction (OER) are key goals in making such materials a component of viable energy storage devices. However, the structural factors that(More)
Polyoxometalate ions are used as ligands in water-oxidation processes related to solar energy production. An important step in these reactions is the association and dissociation of water from the catalytic sites, the rates of which are unknown. Here we report the exchange rates of water ligated to Co(II) atoms in two polyoxotungstate sandwich molecules(More)