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The net community production (NCP) of the Ross Sea, from the early austral spring (mid-October) to the austral summer (mid-February), has been estimated from the seasonal drawdown of CO 2 concentrations integrated over the top 100m of the water column. The de"cits in nutrients and CO 2 indicate three distinct biogeochemical regimes. The regime in the(More)
[1] Results of a single-blind round-robin comparison of satellite primary productivity algorithms are presented. The goal of the round-robin exercise was to determine the accuracy of the algorithms in predicting depth-integrated primary production from information amenable to remote sensing. Twelve algorithms, developed by 10 teams, were evaluated by(More)
Bacteria consume dissolved organic carbon at rates averaging about 50% of primary production across a wide spectrum of marine ecosystems. However, total utilization rates are poorly constrained due to a lack of data on conversion e$ciencies and/or bacterial respiration rates. We estimated total community dark respiration rates (DCR) from in vitro oxygen(More)
Killer cell Ig-like receptors (KIRs) bind cognate HLA class I ligands with distinct affinities, affecting NK cell licensing and inhibition. We hypothesized that differences in KIR and HLA class I genotypes predictive of varying degrees of receptor-ligand binding affinities influence clinical outcomes in autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation (AHCT)(More)
Vincent S. Saba, Marjorie A. M. Friedrichs, Mary‐Elena Carr, David Antoine, Robert A. Armstrong, Ichio Asanuma, Olivier Aumont, Nicholas R. Bates, Michael J. Behrenfeld, Val Bennington, Laurent Bopp, Jorn Bruggeman, Erik T. Buitenhuis, Matthew J. Church, Aurea M. Ciotti, Scott C. Doney, Mark Dowell, John Dunne, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Watson Gregg, Nicolas(More)
The Michaelis-Menten model ofenzyme kinetics has been applied widely to nutrient uptake in phytoplankton. Practically, the heavy nitrogen isotope (15N) is used to measure nitrogen incorporation, and the uptake velocity of the Michaelis-Menten expression has been obtained by normalizing the rate to particulate N. NO,uptake velocity normalized to total(More)
We suggest a way to estimate phytoplankton respiration separately from heterotrophic respiration. The analysis is based on three previous observations: (1) that carbon loss in the plankton overnight is phytoplankton respiration; (2) that phytoplankton respiration occurs during the day at the same rate as at night; and (3) that uptake of C estimates net(More)
Marjorie A.M. Friedrichs ⁎, Mary-Elena Carr , Richard T. Barber , Michele Scardi , David Antoine , Robert A. Armstrong , Ichio Asanuma , Michael J. Behrenfeld , Erik T. Buitenhuis , Fei Chai , James R. Christian , Aurea M. Ciotti , Scott C. Doney, Mark Dowell , John Dunne , Bernard Gentili , Watson Gregg , Nicolas Hoepffner , Joji Ishizaka , Takahiko Kameda(More)