John Markoff

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The quality of drug-specific information available to consumers on the Internet was studied. The 30 most commonly dispensed prescription drugs were selected to represent those medications for which consumers would be seeking information. A Web page evaluation form was developed to objectively evaluate each site in terms of sponsors, references, recency of(More)
REDMOND, Wash. — When he was chief executive of Intel in the 1990s, Andrew S. Grove would often talk about the " software spiral " — the interplay between ever-faster microprocessor chips and software that required ever more computing power. At Microsoft, from top, Craig Mundie, Burton Smith and Dan Reed are working on the next generation of computing(More)
AN FRANCISCO, April 1-The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency at the Pentagon-which has long underwritten open-ended "blue sky" research by the nation's best computer scientists-is sharply cutting such spending at universities, researchers say, in favor of financing more classified work and narrowly defined projects that promise a more immediate(More)
John McCarthy, a computer scientist who helped design the foundation of today's Internet-based computing and who is widely credited with coining the term for a frontier of research he helped pioneer, Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., died on Monday at his home in Stanford, Calif. He was 84. The cause was complications of heart disease, his daughter Sarah(More)
SAN FRANCISCO — Inside a darkened theater a viewer floats in a redwood forest displayed with Imax-like clarity on a cavernous overhead screen. The hovering sensation gives way to vertigo as the camera dives deeper into the forest, approaches a branch of a giant redwood tree, and then plunges first into a single leaf and then into an individual cell. Inside(More)