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To investigate the transition from non-cancerous to metastatic from a physical sciences perspective, the Physical Sciences-Oncology Centers (PS-OC) Network performed molecular and biophysical comparative studies of the non-tumorigenic MCF-10A and metastatic MDA-MB-231 breast epithelial cell lines, commonly used as models of cancer metastasis. Experiments(More)
  • Martin Jasek, John Marko, Jan Buermans, Murray Clarke, David Fissel, Vincent Lee +1 other
  • 2008
An upward looking sonar instrument was deployed on the riverbed in November 2007. The instrument package contained a 545 KHz sonar transducer, as well as temperature-, 2-axis tilt-and pressure-sensors as well an onboard heater and a warm water supply hose to prevent anchor ice formation. The sonar instrument measures the distance to the water surface or the(More)
Upward-looking sonar (ULS) is a primary source of data for measurements of ice thickness. Self-contained units now have the data capacity and accuracy/resolution sufficient for unattended operation over periods of months to years. Recent technological advances have now led to the next generation of ice-profiling sonar (IPS), incorporating much expanded(More)
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