John Mark Thomason

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Little is known about the involvement of saliva in gingival overgrowth (GO). It was hypothesized that, in this situation, the composition of saliva is altered. Thus, proteins, albumin, cytokines, and growth factors in whole and glandular saliva were investigated. Differences between glandular and gingival contributions to the composition of saliva were(More)
OBJECTIVES The decision-making process within health care has been widely researched, with shared decision-making, where both patients and clinicians share technical and personal information, often being cited as the ideal model. To date, much of this research has focused on systems where patients receive their care and treatment free at the point of(More)
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may have the potential to enhance articular cartilage regeneration through release of growth factors including transforming growth factor isoforms. The purpose of this study was to investigate the potential for PRP to stimulate chondrogenic differentiation in three-dimensional PRP hydrogel constructs. Allogenic PRP was prepared(More)
BACKGROUND Several research applications involving platelets, such as proteomic and transcriptomic analysis, require samples with very low numbers of contaminating leukocytes, which have considerably higher RNA and protein content than platelets. We sought to develop a platelet purification protocol that would minimize contamination, involve minimal(More)
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