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Plankton nutrient limitation and deficiency were assessed in six coastal and four interior lakes and reservoirs in British Columbia. Ultimate nutrient limitation was defined as occurring over longer time scales (months to years) and represented the potential attainable biomass or yield. Proximate nutrient deficiency reflected plankton physiological status(More)
This paper investigates the use of two electromagnetic actuation elements in series to produce a fault-tolerant actuator assembly. Faults in one or the other element are considered, and their influence on the behaviour of the whole system is analysed. By carefully choosing the mechanical parameters, it is possible to completely avoid any effect of these(More)
Seasonal patterns of [ 14 C]phytoplankton photosynthesis (PP) were examined in six warm monomictic lakes of coastal British Columbia. Four of our study lakes followed typical lake patterns with maximum PP occurring in the spring and minimal rates occurring during the winter. However, the spring maximum occurred several weeks earlier than lakes in other(More)
Ideas on how various measures of nutrient limitation relate to plankton biomass and species composition are reexamined. While long-term and multi-lake studies typically focus on determining overall biomass, seasonal studies are more focused toward understanding species composition. We use physiological assays to assess short-term nutrient deficiency of(More)
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