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Received: 22 December 2004 Accepted: 8 March 2005 Published online: 17 June 2005 Springer-Verlag 2005 Abstract Coastal areas of Hong Kong Island are one of the most extensively urbanized areas in the world. Groundwater samples in natural slopes and developed spaces in the regions centered by the MidLevels area, Hong Kong Island, were collected and analyzed(More)
South China has been considered as part of the Rodinian supercontinent during Neoproterozoic time, although its paleogeographic position within this supercontinent is still a matter of debate. The Wangjiangshan and Bijigou complexes along the northern margin of South China are among the largest mafic intrusions in China. New SHRIMP zircon U-Pb results(More)
Abundant mafic and ultramafic rocks including basalts, komatiitic basalts, and peridotites occur in the Proterozoic Sibao Group, northern Guangxi Province, China. Whereas the basalts are generally pillow lavas, the komatiitic basalts are typically spinifex-textured and, in a few cases, show pyroxene accumulation associated with Ni Cu (PGE) sulfide deposits.(More)
The behaviour of whole-rock major, trace and rare earth elements (REE) during weathering under subtropical conditions is examined along a profile developed over crystal--vitric tuffs with eutaxitic texture. The intensity of weathering within the profile varies erratically, indicating weathering processes operate over different scales. Quartz, K-feldspar,(More)
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