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The Bruker Biotyper and Vitek MS matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry (MS) instruments were evaluated for the identification of nonfermenting gram-negative bacilli (NFGNB) by a blinded comparison to conventional biochemical or molecular methods. Two hundred NFGNB that were recovered from cultures from(More)
Via multiterminal information theory, we present fundamental rate delay tradeoffs that delay mitigating codes must have when utilized over multipath routed and network coded networks. We formulate plotting the rate delay tradeoff as a calculus problem on a capacity region of a related abstracted broadcast channel. This calculus problem simplifies to an(More)
While its performance in the Gaussian, infinite block length, and loopless factor graph cases are well understood, the breakthrough applications of the belief propagation algorithm to the decoding of turbo and LDPC codes involve finite block lengths, finite alphabets, and factor graphs with loops. It has been shown in these instances that the stationary(More)
Many previous attempts at analyzing the convergence behavior of turbo and iterative decoding, such as EXIT style analysis [1] and density evolution [2], ultimately appeal to results which become valid only when the block length grows rather large, while still other attempts, such as connections to factor graphs [3] and belief propagation [4], have been(More)
The identification of individuals by the sound of their voices, a fairly straightforward task for humans, has proven to be quite difficult to achieve in a robust way computationally. The majority of past work in speaker (talker) identification has focused on the single speaker case, but these systems are easily confounded by most real-world settings where(More)
Through adaptation, negative health effects can be prevented. the village of Point Hope enjoys one of the finest locations in Alaska for the harvest of subsistence resources, including fish, marine mammals, birds and caribou. This amazing place has allowed the Inupiat of Point Hope to flourish for centuries, and it is one of the oldest continuously occupied(More)
Channel shortening is often employed as a means of mitigating intersymbol and intercarrier interference (ISI and ICI) in systems using multicarrier modulation. The Multicarrier Equalization by Restoration of RedundancY (MERRY) algorithm has previously been shown to blindly and adaptively shorten a channel to the length of the guard interval in a(More)
The turbo decoder was not originally introduced as a solution to an optimization problem, which has impeded attempts to explain its excellent performance. Here it is shown, that the turbo decoder is an iterative method seeking a solution to an intuitively pleasing constrained optimization problem. In particular, the turbo decoder seeks the(More)