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Corporate identity, corporate branding and corporate marketing ‐ Seeing through the fog
Outlines 15 explanations for the fog which has enveloped the nascent domains of corporate identity and corporate marketing. However, the fog surrounding the area has a silver lining. This is becauseExpand
Corporate identity: The concept, its measurement and management
textabstractArticulates the main trends in the literature on corporate identity; defines corporate identity; explains the rationale for corporate identity management and describes the main methodsExpand
Corporate brands: what are they? What of them?
This article examines the nature, importance, typology, and management of corporate brands. Argues that in making a distinction between corporate brands, corporate identities, and product brands, theExpand
Corporate Identity and the Advent of Corporate Marketing
This paper places corporate identity studies in a historical context with the writer arguing that there have been four distinct phases in the area's evolution. Currently, there is increasingExpand
Managing Corporate Image and Corporate Reputation
Abstract The concepts of corporate reputation and corporate identity represent a relatively new and supplemental lens through which top management can address the strategic issues facing their firm.Expand
Corporate brands with a heritage
This paper articulates a concept of ‘heritage brands’, based primarily on field case research and studies of practice. We define brand heritage as a dimension of a brand's identity found in its trackExpand
Identity based views of the corporation
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to consider advances in corporate identity scholarship on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the first special edition of corporate identity to appear inExpand
Social Identity, Organizational Identity and Corporate Identity: Towards an Integrated Understanding of Processes, Patternings and Products
This paper provides an overview of previous work that has explored issues of social, organizational and corporate identity. Differences in the form and focus of research into these three topics areExpand
Corporate marketing: Integrating corporate identity, corporate branding, corporate communications, corporate image and corporate reputation
– The aims of the paper are to examine the nascent area of corporate marketing., – The paper draws on some of the key literature relating to the history of marketing thought., – The study reiteratesExpand