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Mine and yours: Property rights in dictator games
We conduct experiments on earned wealth effects in dictator games. In addition to a standard treatment in which wealth was determined by the experimenter, we conduct treatments in which the dictatorExpand
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Exogenous Targeting Instruments as a Solution to Group Moral Hazards
The ability of four contracts within the general class of exogenous targeting instruments, proposed by Segerson (1988), to induce socially optimal outcomes in a group moral hazard environment isExpand
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Can Double Auctions Control Monopoly and Monopsony Power in Emissions Trading Markets
Abstract We conduct a laboratory experiment to investigate whether the double auction institution can suppress market power in emissions trading markets. We study 24 markets with varying marketExpand
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Comparing the Effectiveness of Regulation and Pro�?Social Emotions to Enhance Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from Fishing Communities in Colombia
This paper presents the results from a series of framed field experiments conducted in fishing communities off the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The goal is to investigate the relative effectivenessExpand
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Testing ambient pollution instruments with heterogeneous agents
Abstract This paper investigates the ability of ambient pollution instruments to induce a group of heterogeneous agents to choose a target outcome. Six controlled laboratory sessions were conductedExpand
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An experimental investigation of endowment source heterogeneity in two-person public good games
We find an "inverse found money effect" in two-person public good experiments in which individuals earning their endowments contribute more and engage in "altruistic conditional cooperation" whenExpand
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Thin and lumpy: An experimental investigation of water quality trading
Abstract Water quality trading schemes have generally not delivered the volume of cost-reducing trading activity that would warrant declaring them a success. In this paper we utilize laboratoryExpand
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An Experimental Analysis of Compliance in Dynamic Emissions Markets
Two important design elements for emission trading programs are whether and to what extent firms are able to bank emissions permits, and how these programs are to be enforced. In this paper weExpand
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Does Government Regulation Complement Existing Community Efforts to Support Cooperation? Evidence from Field Experiments in Colombia
In this paper we describe a field experiment conducted among mollusk harvesters in a community on the Pacific Coast of Columbia. The experiment is based on a standard linear public good and consistsExpand
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Individual Decision Making in a Negative Externality Experiment
The experimental treatments analysed in this paper are simple in that there is a unique Nash equilibrium resulting in each player having a dominant strategy. However, the data show quite clearly thatExpand
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