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Early work in pharmacology characterized the interaction of receptors and ligands in terms of two parameters, affinity and efficacy, an approach we term the bipartite view. A precise formulation of efficacy only exists for very simple pharmacological models. Here we extend the notion of efficacy to models that incorporate receptor activation and G-protein(More)
—Automatic contrail detection is of major importance in the study of the atmospheric effects of aviation. Due to the large volume of satellite imagery, selecting contrail images for study by hand is impractical and highly subject to human error. It is far better to have a system in place that will automatically evaluate an image to determine 1) whether it(More)
The Hough transform is a well-known pattern recognition technique for finding parametric curves and general shapes in an image. This research demonstrates that it is equally well suited for real-time symbol detection. Both the parametric and generalized Hough transforms produce results of high accuracy and excellent performance in real-time video streams,(More)
We present results of a detailed analysis of inclusive direct photon production at the $(3095). The direct photon momentum distribution for x > 0.4 is presented and compared with the leading-order QCD prediction. The total production rate is found to be consistent with theoretical expectations, but the observed momentum distribution is considerably softer.(More)
A co-curricular multidisciplinary teaming and design center was started in 1997 to augment classical classroom engineering education with active and collaborative project-centered experiential learning. The importance of the values of respect, trust, integrity, and responsibility is well known for good teaming and leadership. Values of affection,(More)