John M. Tichenor

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The definition of health information is growing to include multimedia audio, video, and high-resolution still images. This article describes the telemedicine program at East Carolina University School of Medicine, including the telemedicine applications presently in use and the virtual reality applications currently under development' Included are the major(More)
Recent trends in health care informatics and telemedicine indicate that systems are being developed with a primary focus on technology and business, not on the process of medicine itself. The authors present a new model of health care information, distributed medical intelligence, which promotes the development of an integrative medical communication system(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the accuracy, patient satisfaction, and cost of telecardiographic evaluations of pediatric patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients referred to a rural pediatric cardiology outreach clinic were examined in person by a pediatric cardiologist. A second pediatric cardiologist who had no knowledge of the findings of face-to-face examination(More)
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