John M. Stockie

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The Gaussian plume model is a standard approach for studying the transport of airborne contaminants due to turbulent diffusion and advection by the wind. This paper reviews the assumptions underlying the model, its derivation from the advection-diffusion equation, and the key properties of the plume solution. The results are then applied to solving an(More)
The immersed boundary method is known to exhibit a high degree of numerical sti ness, which is associated with the interaction of immersed elastic bres with the surrounding uid. We perform a linear analysis of the underlying equations of motion for immersed bres, and identify a discrete set of bre modes which are associated solely with the presence of the(More)
A linear stability analysis is performed on a two-dimensional version of the \immersed ber problem", formulated by C. Peskin to model the ow of uid in the presence of a mesh of moving, elastic bers. The purpose of the analysis is to isolate the modes in the solution which are associated with the ber, and thereby determine the eeect of the presence of a ber(More)
The motion of exible bres suspended in an incompressible uid is of interest to researchers in a wide variety of elds, including reinforced composite materials, biotechnology and the pulp and paper industry. In this work, we concentrate on the application to pulp bres and demonstrate how the complex hydrodynamic interaction between a exible bre and the(More)
Abstract. We investigate the asymptotic behaviour of the wetting front arising from unsaturated flow in porous media wherein the liquid saturation θ obeys a nonlinear diffusion equation having moisture diffusivity that is an exponential function D(θ) = Do exp(βθ). For values of the physical parameters corresponding to actual porous media, the diffusivity at(More)
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In this paper, we investigate the stability of a fluid-structure interaction problem in which a flexible elastic membrane immersed in a fluid is excited via periodic variations in the elastic stiffness parameter. This model can be viewed as a prototype for active biological tissues such as the basilar membrane in the inner ear, or heart muscle fibers(More)
The gas diffusion layer in the electrode of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell is a highly porous material which acts to distribute reactant gases uniformly to the active catalyst sites. We develop a mathematical model for flow of a multicomponent mixture of ideal gases in a highly porous electrode. The model is comprised of a porous medium equation for(More)
We develop a mathematical model for sap exudation in a maple tree that is based on a purely physical mechanism for internal pressure generation in trees in the leafless state. There has been a long-standing controversy in the tree physiology literature over precisely what mechanism drives sap exudation, and we aim to cast light on this issue. Our model is(More)
We propose an efficient algorithm for the immersed boundary method on distributedmemory architectures, with the computational complexity of a completely explicit method and excellent parallel scaling. The algorithm utilizes the pseudo-compressibility method recently proposed by Guermond and Minev that uses a directional splitting strategy to discretize the(More)