John M. Scanlon

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Intersection Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (I-ADAS) are active safety systems that have the potential to help prevent/mitigate crashes and injuries in intersection crashes. I-ADAS may use side-looking sensors, e.g. radar and lidar, in order to detect potential collisions with vehicles from crossing paths. The success of I-ADAS depends on the range and(More)
There are approximately 4,500 traffic fatalities at intersections each year in the U.S. One method for reducing these crashes is through equipping vehicles with Intersection Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (I-ADAS) that can detect and alert the driver of an impending crash. However, the effectiveness of these systems is expected to be highly dependent on(More)
Intersection crashes are among the most frequent and lethal crash modes in the United States. Accounting for over one-third of all intersection crashes, straight crossing path (SCP) crashes are the most common intersection crash mode. Intersection Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (I-ADAS) have the potential to prevent SCP crashes by detecting imminent(More)
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