John M Petock

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Regions of rare conformation were located in 300 protein crystal structures representing seven major protein folds. A distance matrix algorithm was used to search rapidly for 9-residue fragments of rare backbone conformation using a comparison to a relational database of encoded fragments derived from the database of nonredundant structures. Rare fragments(More)
Members of the TCL1 family of oncogenes are abnormally expressed in mature T-cell leukemias and B-cell lymphomas. The proteins are involved in the coactivation of protein kinase B (Akt/PKB), a key intracellular kinase. The sequences and crystal structures of three Tcl1 proteins were analyzed in order to understand their interactions with Akt/PKB and the(More)
Tcl1 and Mtcp1, members of the Tcl1 family, are implicated in T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia. The crystal structure of a dimer of murine Tcl1 has been determined at 2.5 A resolution with an R factor of 0.225. Murine Tcl1, human Tcl1 and Mtcp1 share very similar subunit structures, with RMS differences of 0.6 and 1.4 A for C(alpha) atoms, respectively, while(More)
The crystal structure of human Mtcp1 was determined at 2 A resolution after the X-ray diffraction limit was improved by post-crystallization soaking in 2.0 M ammonium sulfate for 1-5 months. The effects of varying the ammonium sulfate concentration and addition of polyethylene glycol to the soaking solution were examined in order to understand the(More)
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