John M. Mulvey

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Many papers appearing in journals reporting computational experiments use computer generated evidence to compare or rank competing mathematical software techmques. Unfortunately, to date there have been no standards or gmdehnes indicating how computer experiments should be conducted or how the results should be presented. An initial attempt is made to(More)
We describe a specialization of the primal truncated Newton algorithm for solving nonlinear optimization problems on networks with gains. The algorithm and its implementation are able to capitalize on the special structure of the constraints. Extensive computational tests show that the algorithm is capable of solving very large problems. Testing of numerous(More)
Reduced oxidative demand or neuronal hypometabolism is a neuroprotective strategy used by several anoxia and hypoxia-tolerant species. The epaulette shark, Hemiscyllium ocellatum inhabits shallow reef platforms that can become hypoxic. Hypoxic pre-conditioning (eight cycles of 0.34 mg O(2)/l for 120 min, 12 h apart) was used to determine whether a reduction(More)