John M. McCarty

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VCAM-1, a leukocyte adhesion molecule expressed by cytokine-activated endothelial cells in culture, may mediate mononuclear leukocyte infiltration in vessels and interstitium in solid organ allograft rejection. Using the avidin-biotin immunoperoxidase technique and an affinity-purified rabbit polyclonal antisera to recombinant human VCAM (rVCAM Ab) which(More)
mRNA for two Na(+)-H(+)-exchanger isoforms 1 and 3 (NHE-1 and NHE-3) was detected by RT-PCR in fungiform and circumvallate taste receptor cells (TRCs). Anti-NHE-1 antibody binding was localized to the basolateral membranes, and the anti-NHE-3 antibody was localized in the apical membranes of fungiform and circumvallate TRCs. In a subset of TRCs, NHE-3(More)
Outcomes in stem cell transplantation (SCT) are modeled using probability theory. However, the clinical course following SCT appears to demonstrate many characteristics of dynamical systems, especially when outcomes are considered in the context of immune reconstitution. Dynamical systems tend to evolve over time according to mathematically determined(More)
Systems that evolve over time and follow mathematical laws as they do so, are called dynamical systems. Lymphocyte recovery and clinical outcomes in 41 allograft recipients conditioned using anti-­‐ thymocyte globulin (ATG) and 4.5 Gray total-­‐body-­‐irradiation were studied to determine if immune reconstitution could be described as a dynamical system.(More)
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