John M. Marberg

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An algorithm for sorting on a mesh by alternately transforming the rows and columns is presented. The algorithm runs in a constant number of row- and column-transformation phases (sixteen phases), an improvement over the previous best upper bound ofO(log logm) phases,m being the number of rows in the mesh. A corresponding lower bound of five phases is also(More)
With the recent advances in personal computer technology, time-sharing of a processor is no longer a necessity; each user can have his own machine. It is valuable, however, to share resources among the individual machines. This paper discusses a system structure for interactive computing in which personal computers are connected by a local-area network for(More)
The software and hardware available today for personal computers provides a broad range of support for personal productivity, business applications, research, programming, and other activities. If personal computers are connected in a local area network, they can form a system whose total resources are very great compared to those of each computer. With(More)
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