John M. Lloyd

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The restoration of normal physical activity is a primary objective of most chronic pain rehabilitative interventions, yet few clinically practical objective measures of activation exist. Actigraphy is one technology that promises to fill this void in the field of pain outcomes assessment. This study evaluates the measurement properties of one of several(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this prospective study was to compare the effectiveness of a 4.8% tranexamic acid mouthwash versus an autologous fibrin glue preparation to control hemostasis in patients therapeutically anticoagulated with warfarin who required dental extractions without interruption of their treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS The 49 patients who(More)
INTRODUCTION Ankle fractures are common injuries affecting all age groups and constitute a large proportion of the orthopaedic trauma case load. Patients are usually admitted directly to the ward from the emergency department and a large number of bed-days are spent waiting for the ankle swelling to subside prior to surgery. We audited current practice and(More)
Pressure for acute hospital beds is a national problem with many acute trauma patients being admitted to non-trauma wards. This prospective multicentre questionnaire study of 220 qualified trauma and non-trauma nurses aims to compare the quality of nursing care that trauma patients receive when admitted to trauma wards and non-trauma wards. The questions(More)
BACKGROUND In 1976, Ramsey and Hamilton published a classic experiment investigating the biomechanical effects of talar shift in a simple ankle fracture model. Their finding was that 1 mm of talar shift resulted in a 42% decrease in tibiotalar contact surface area. Based on this conclusion, 1 mm of talar shift became the recognized indication for operative(More)
A hospital with a 157-week wait for orthopaedic outpatient appointments has introduced a telephone booking system which has reduced waiting by 53 weeks. The system, introduced with a 23,000 Pounds grant from the local health group, has cut non-attendance from 17 to 5 per cent and is estimated to have saved the orthopaedics department 216,000 Pounds. Two(More)
Posttraumatic osteonecrosis of the distal tibia is a rare but recognized complication of Weber C ankle fractures. To our knowledge, we report the first documented case managed with early percutaneous drilling of the defect. The patient noticed an improvement in symptoms, and magnetic resonance imaging confirmed resolution of the avascular area. The(More)
The Thompson hemiarthroplasty is a popular hip prosthesis. We present two case reports highlighting a significant alteration in the design of the implant which compromised the success of the operations. In recent years the manufacturing process of this prosthesis has changed, with a resultant increase in the volume of the stem of 10 ml. It is essential that(More)