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Mild local reactions and fever after vaccinations are common and do not contraindicate future doses. Anaphylactic reactions to vaccines are rare and should be evaluated with skin tests to the vaccine and its components. If the skin test results are negative, subsequent doses can be administered in the usual manner but under observation. If the skin test(More)
  • John M. Kelso
  • The journal of allergy and clinical immunology…
  • 2015
Up until just a few years ago, the administration of influenza vaccine to patients with egg allergy was contraindicated based on the not-illogical concern that the injection of a vaccine that contained egg protein into a person with IgE antibodies directed against such protein could cause anaphylaxis. Numerous studies had been published that indicated that(More)
The most serious form of type I or IgE-mediated hypersensitivity reaction is anaphylaxis. A standardized case definition of anaphylaxis as an adverse event after immunization has been developed. Such reactions to vaccines, including influenza vaccine, are rare but potentially life-threatening. Until recently, all influenza vaccines were manufactured in(More)
BACKGROUND Some patients with allergic rhinitis have oral allergic reactions to fresh fruits and vegetables. This phenomenon has been termed "oral allergy syndrome" and is proposed to be due to cross-reacting allergens in the foods and pollens. METHODS We report a patient with allergic rhinitis and oral allergy syndrome treated with pollen immunotherapy.(More)
BACKGROUND Reports of allergy to bird meats are uncommon, and most have been in patients with "bird-egg syndrome." OBJECTIVE We sought to evaluate 3 patients who reported allergic reactions to several avian meats, but who denied allergic reactions to eating eggs. The patients required yellow fever vaccine for entry into the military. METHODS Patients(More)
BACKGROUND Hypersensitivity disorders following vaccinations are a cause for concern. OBJECTIVE To determine the type and rate by age, gender, and vaccine received for reported hypersensitivity reactions following monovalent 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) vaccines. DESIGN A systematic review of reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System(More)
is an important contributor to childhood asthma, and these investigators sought to determine whether the use of mattress and pillow encasings resulted in effective long-term control of mattress HDM levels, thus reducing the need for maintenance asthma medication. Study Population. The subjects were 60 children (5–15 years of age) with asthma and HDM(More)