John M. Gleason

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This paper discusses the results of marketing research related to the expectations of United States government legislators, House and Senate staff, and Executive Branch administrators regarding emerging information technologies, and their patterns of use of existing technologies. Our research suggests that markedly different expectations and uses exist(More)
● Use the basic terminology and vocabulary of patient safety in health care PURPOSE The purpose of this chapter is to provide all health professionals with the core theory and knowledge they need to understand and practice patient care using patient safety principles. This core knowledge underpins and supports the remaining chapters and case studies. Every(More)
This paper discusses a framework for the application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in a technologyacquisition decision related to library information services. By the year 2002, the Public Access Library System (PALS) will no longer be supported; PALS is an automated, integrated, modular-based public-access system used by libraries worldwide. This(More)
Two of the more common tests for the statistical properties of pseudorandom number generators are the frequency test and the serial correlation test. This paper reports the results of frequency and serial correlation tests of random number generators available on two classes of microcomputers: the IBM PCs (the IBM PC, the IBM PC-XT, and the IBM portable)(More)
The widespread use of IBM personal computers in biomedical research and medical practice is evidenced by a variety of journal articles. Many of the application programs are written in the BASIC language, they model a stochastic process, and they depend on the Microsoft random number generator. Unfortunately, the Microsoft generator has exhibited a number of(More)