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Naming is a non-optional and cross-cutting design decision in professional and end-user programming activities. From assembly language to Yahoo Pipes, names are utilized for labeling and differentiation. Yet, we know little about how these names are selected or how naming impacts use and other aspects of de-sign. My research goal is to develop a theory of(More)
This paper describes a drawing system that incorporates two novel interaction techniques based on analogies to physical tools. Power tools add limited autonomy in the form of rotators and movers for automated circular, linear, and Bezier-curve movement. Composite tools are user-constructed combinations of existing tools to create new functionality.
Counter Insurgency operations require the ability to develop accurate representations of the physical environment and the human landscape in various conditions (e.g., urban and non-urban, day and night, and various weather conditions). We are developing innovative sensor suites and processing techniques suitable for such domains as part of a larger effort(More)
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