John M. Daughtry

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Programmers of all types from novice end-user developers to professional software engineers make use of application programming interfaces (API) within their various designs. And, while the use of these interfaces is ubiquitous, there is little research about their design. Recently, a number of researchers and practitioners have begun to treat API design as(More)
The 27th annual International Conference on Human Factors in Computing (CHI) convened in Boston, MA (USA) from April 4-9, 2009. Included in this year's technical program was a special interest group (SIG) meeting on API usability. This report summarizes the SIG, emphasizing the primary takeaways, which include a greater understanding of the types of APIs,(More)
Application program interface (API) use and design is critical, non-optional, and cross-cutting in the construction of modern software systems. However, only recently has the explicit study of API design process and API designs been initiated from the perspective of usability, and little is known with respect to how various forms of information about an API(More)
Refactoring to Patterns is an interesting merger of two of the most important concepts in software engineering that have arisen in the last ten years. However, it does not belong on every software engineer’s bookshelf. For those who would expect it to be a comprehensive reference tool, the text will be disappointing. However, for those with the ability,(More)
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