John M. D. Hill

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Because students have different learning styles, it's important to incorporate multiple teaching techniques into the classroom experience. One such technique is the use of puzzles and games in the classroom to reinforce the learning objectives. Many topics in Computer Science are well suited for coverage in such a game. Several in-class puzzles and games(More)
This paper discusses the use of an isolated network laboratory to teach computer security using persistent cooperative groups and an active learning approach. Computer security and computer security education are areas of increasing importance as computer systems become more interconnected. When offered, undergraduate and graduate computer security courses(More)
This paper describes the experience of our institution in creating a comprehensive undergraduate information assurance (IA) program. An interdisciplinary approach was undertaken in order to include a larger portion of the student body and faculty and thus influence a broader audience. The program includes a wide variety of mutually supporting information(More)
A new approach to military planning and execution has been proposed. This approach seeks to merge planning and execution, and replaces reaction to events with anticipation of events. This paper presents a methodology for building an automated system to support Anticipatory Planning. A Plan Description is developed to manage the many tree-like branches that(More)
It is not uncommon to teach Artificial Intelligence (AI) by asking students to implement agents that embody intelligent behavior. This helps students gain a fuller understanding of the many concepts taught in the course. There are two issues with this approach that deserve attention. First, students come into an AI course knowing how to program in different(More)
The United States Army is embracing the use of new information technologies to achieve tactical advantage over potential adversaries. Existing and future information systems place a significant load on the tactical data network, resulting in a bandwidth management crisis, yet there is no prioritization, allocation, planning, or management tool available to(More)
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