John M. Curto

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A retrospective of 216 tibial fractures treated orthopedically was carried out. The aim was to analyze a set of clinicobiological parameters that owing to their assumed action on the physiological model of consolidation can be considered as risk factors to be taken into account in all kinds of orthopedic treatment, because they may lead to a lengthening of(More)
The first selective coupling of a carbon nucleophile with methyl, ethyl, propyl, and butyl arenes in the absence of a directing group is described. Pd(OAc)2 double C-H activation displays remarkable selectivity for the terminal methyl sites in alkyl arenes, rather than the more commonly observed arene sp(2) C-H activation. Mechanistic studies indicate the(More)
The use of state-of-the-art separation tools from the pharmaceutical industry for addressing intractable separation problems from academic synthetic chemistry is evaluated, showing fast and useful results for the resolution of complex mixtures, separation of closely related components, visualization of difficult to detect compounds and purification of(More)
Mechanism studies of a mild palladium-catalyzed decarboxylation of aromatic carboxylic acids are described. In particular, reaction orders and activation parameters for the two stages of the transformation were determined. These studies guided development of a catalytic system capable of turnover. Further evidence reinforces that the second stage,(More)
To determine the function in the repair of bone defects, implants of carbon and polyester fibers of comparable dimensions were used to replace a 2-cm long segment of the radius of 29 rabbits. The healing process was analyzed by scintigraphic, radiographic, and histologic methods after periods of 15-90 days, comparing the results with a control group without(More)
The authors present the results obtained in a series of 275 tibial shaft fractures, 216 of which were treated by a functional orthopaedic procedure and 59 with different kinds of nailing techniques. The results are evaluated according to the criteria established by Johner and Wruhs. "Good" results were obtained with both kinds of treatment; "excellent"(More)
Allylating agents were explored for the asymmetric synthesis of α-allyl-α-aryl α-amino acids by tandem N-alkylation/π-allylation. Cross-metathesis of the tandem product was developed to provide allylic diversity not afforded in the parent reaction; the synthesis of homotyrosine and homoglutamate analogues was completed. Cyclic α-amino acid derivatives could(More)
The first described reaction between N-tosylhydrazone and SO2 is reported to provide alkyl sulfonamides in the presence of various amines. In this procedurally simple method, hydrazones of both unsaturated aldehydes and ketones proceed in moderate to excellent yields. Primary and secondary aliphatic amines are accommodated in this reaction, which provides a(More)