John M. Colombi

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Abslract-Many applications reported in artificial neural networks are associated with military problems. This paper reviews concepts associated with the processing of military data to find and recognize targets-automatic target recognition (A TR). A general-purpose automatic target recognition system does not exist. The work presented here is demonstrated(More)
System of Systems (SoS) development is a complex process that depends on the cooperation of various independent Systems [1]. SoS acquisition and development differs from that typical for a single System; it has been shown to follow a wave paradigm known as the Wave Model [2]. Agent based models (ABMs) consist of a set of abstracted entities referred to as(More)
Predictive mental workload modeling is one established tool within the broad systems engineering activity of Human Systems Integration (HSI). Using system architecture as the foundation, this paper explores the use of Multiple Resource Theory to create representative workload models for evaluating operational system-of-systems (SoS) concepts. Through(More)