John M. Cimbala

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Loading induced fluid flow has recently been proposed as an important biophysical signal in bone mechanotransduction. Fluid flow resulting from activities which load the skeleton such as standing, locomotion, or postural muscle activity are predicted to be dynamic in nature and include a relatively small static component. However, in vitro fluid flow(More)
The strong correlation between a bone's architectural properties and the mechanical forces that it experiences has long been attributed to the existence of a cell that not only detects mechanical load but also structurally adapts the bone matrix to counter it. One of the most likely cellular candidates for such a "mechanostat" is the osteocyte, which(More)
This paper describes the development and assessment of a pump flow take-home experiment that was implemented in an introductory junior-level fluid mechanics course in Fall 2005. The takehome experiment, along with appropriate instructions, is assigned as homework. Students borrow the equipment from the department’s equipment room, and perform the experiment(More)
As part of ASHRAE Research Project 1185, field data from the constant flow rate charging of a stratified chilled water storage tank with double-ring octagonal slotted-pipe diffusers serving a university chilled water system were compared with results of a transient axisymmetric computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model. Charge processes at flows near design(More)
Traditional fluid mechanics textbooks are generally written with problem sets comprised of closed, analytical solutions. However, it is recognized that complex flow fields are not easily represented in terms of a closed solution. A tool that allows the student to visualize complex flow phenomena in a virtual environment can significantly enhance the(More)
An explanation is given of what a loop heat pipe (LHP) is, and how it works. It is then shown that neutron imaging (both real time neutron radioscopy and single exposure neutron radiography) is an effective experimental tool for the study of LHPs. Specifically, neutron imaging has helped to identify and correct a cooling water distribution problem in the(More)
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