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We report the results of a national survey conducted to help public health officials understand the public's response to community mitigation interventions for a severe outbreak of pandemic influenza. Survey results suggest that if community mitigation measures are instituted, most respondents would comply with recommendations but would be challenged to do(More)
The respiratory tract epithelium of dogs, from the nose to the lungs, was examined for cytochrome P-450 and associated biotransformation activities. In the ethmoturbinates, where olfactory epithelium is located, the amount of cytochrome P-450 was comparable to that in the liver, when measured on the basis of activity per milligram of microsomal protein. The(More)
The objective of this paper is to understand how the public's beliefs in five countries may change as more families have direct experience with Alzheimer's disease. The data are derived from a questionnaire survey conducted by telephone (landline and cell) with 2678 randomly selected adults in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, and the United States. The paper(More)
For more than two decades, polls have shown that Americans are dissatisfied with their current health care system. However, the public's views on how to change the current system are more conflicted than often suggested by individual poll results. At the same time, Americans are both dissatisfied with the current health care system and relatively satisfied(More)
West Nile virus (WNV)-associated disease has a range of clinical manifestations among avian taxa, the reasons for which are not known. Species susceptibility varies within the avian family Corvidae, with estimated mortality rates ranging from 50 to 100%. We examined and compared virologic, immunologic, pathologic, and clinical responses in 2 corvid species,(More)
  • H Hirabayashi, H Hirosawa, H Kobayashi, Y Murata, P G Edwards, E B Fomalont +56 others
  • 1998
High angular resolution images of extragalactic radio sources are being made with the Highly Advanced Laboratory for Communications and Astronomy (HALCA) satellite and ground-based radio telescopes as part of the Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) Space Observatory Programme (VSOP). VSOP observations at 1.6 and 5 gigahertz of the(More)
Research is underway to develop an early medical test for Alzheimer's disease (AD). To evaluate potential demand for such a test, we conducted a cross-sectional telephone survey of 2,678 randomly selected adults across the United States and four European countries. Most surveyed adults (67%) reported that they are "somewhat" or "very likely" to get an early(More)
OBJECTIVE To discern how the public in four countries, each with unique health systems and cultures, feels about efforts to restrain healthcare costs by limiting the use of high-cost prescription drugs and medical/surgical treatments. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. SETTING Adult populations in Germany, Italy, the UK and the USA. PARTICIPANTS 2517(More)