John Long

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Growing evidence suggests that extraordinary average returns may be obtained by trading equity index options, and that at least part of this abnormal performance is attributable to volatility and jump risk premia. This paper asks whether such priced risk factors are alone sufficient to explain these average returns. To provide an answer in as general as(More)
  • Evgeny Lyandres, Lu Zhang, +15 authors Laura Starks
  • 2008
An investment factor, long in low-investment stocks and short in high-investment stocks, helps explain the new issues puzzle. Adding the investment factor into standard factor regressions reduces the SEO underperformance by about 75%, the IPO underperformance by 80%, the underperformance following convertible debt offerings by 50%, and Daniel and Titman's(More)
This paper concerns one possible response of human factors to the need for better user interactions of computer-based systems. The paper is in two parts. Part I examines the potential for human factors to formulate engineering principles. A basic prerequisite for realizing that potential is a conception of the general design problem addressed by human(More)
The theme of HCI '89 is 'the theory and practice of HCI'. In providing a general introduction to the Conference, this paper develops the theme within a characterisation of alternative conceptions of the discipline of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). First, consideration of disciplines in general suggests their complete definition can be summarised as:(More)
Design-oriented frameworks are a type of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) discipline knowledge. They are intended to support iterativèspecify-and-implement' design practice, by assisting designers to create models of speci® c design problems, within a class of design problem. This paper presents a design-oriented framework for a class of HCI design problem,(More)
  • John Long
  • 2001
Software reuse is a productivity technique attempted by many development organizations, with mixed success. In analyzing reuse failures, a number of antipatterns emerge. Antipatterns are obvious, but wrong, solutions to recurring problems. This article outlines a number of reuse antipatterns that have been observed within the software industry.
Tyrosine phenol-lyase (EC from Citrobacter freundii has been cloned and the primary sequence deduced from the DNA sequence. From the BrCN digest of the NaBH4-reduced holoenzyme, five peptides were purified and sequenced. The amino acid sequences of the peptides agreed with the corresponding parts of the tyrosine phenol-lyase sequence obtained from(More)
The aim of the current study is to demonstrate normal and malignant prostatic epithelial cells (PrECs) as targets for receptor-mediated estro-genic and antiestrogenic action. Using an improved protocol, we have successfully isolated and maintained highly enriched populations of normal PrECs from ultrasound-guided peripheral zone biopsies, individually(More)