John Loch

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Recent research on hidden-state reinforcement learning (RL) problems has concentrated on overcoming partial observability by using memory to estimate state. However, such methods are computationally extremely expensive and thus have very limited applicability. This emphasis on state estimation has come about because it has been widely observed that the(More)
This paper describes a series of experiments that were performed on the Rocky III robot. 1 Rocky III is a small autonomous rover capable of navigating through rough outdoor terrain to a predesignated area, searching that area for soft soil, acquiring a soil sample, and depositing the sample in a container at its home base. The robot is programmed according(More)
Agents acting in the real world are confronted with the problem of making good decisions with limited knowledge of the environment. Partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs) model decision problems in which an agent tries to maximize its reward in the face of limited sensor feedback. Recent work has shown empirically that a reinforcement(More)
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