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This paper describes a new method of fast background subtraction based upon disparity verification that is invariant to run-time changes in illumination. Using two or more cameras, the method requires the off-line construction of disparity fields mapping the primary (or key) background image to each of the additional reference background images. At runtime,(More)
We assess the benefits of sharing demand forecast information in a manufacturer–retailer supply chain, consisting of a traditional retail channel and a direct channel. The demand is a linear function of price with a Gaussian primary demand (i.e., zero-price market potential). Both the manufacturer and the retailer set their price based on their forecast of(More)
We compared the Spatial Frequency Response (SFR) of image sensors that use the Bayer color filter pattern and Foveon X3 technology for color image capture. Sensors for both consumer and professional cameras were tested. The results show that the SFR for Foveon X3 sensors is up to 2.4x better. In addition to the standard SFR method, we also applied the SFR(More)
The notion of proole scheduling was rst introduced by Ullman in 1975 in the complexity analysis of deterministic scheduling algorithms. In such a model, the number of processors available to a set of tasks may vary in time. Since the last decade, this model has been used to deal with systems subject to processor failures, multipro-grammed systems, or(More)
Neural word representations have proven useful in Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks due to their ability to efficiently model complex semantic and syntactic word relationships. However, most techniques model only one representation per word, despite the fact that a single word can have multiple meanings or " senses ". Some techniques model words by(More)
Manually populating a cancer registry from free-text pathology reports is labor intensive and costly. This poster describes a method of automated text extraction to improve the efficiency of this process and reduce cost. FineTooth, a software company, provides an automated service to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) to help populate their(More)
Underlying preferences are often considered to be persistent, and are important inputs into economic models. We first conduct an extensive review of the disparate literature studying the stability of preferences measured in experiments. Then, we test the stability of individuals' choices in panel data from rural Paraguay over almost a decade. Answers to(More)