John Lindström

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  • Dan Harnesk, Sören Samulesson, Soren Samuelsson@ltu Se, Phd Candidate, John Lindström, Se
  • 2009
The purpose of this paper is to describe the development of a regional crisis competence centre in Sweden. The overall research approach utilizes action research methodology to support the development process. The overall development process is divided into three steps; early need finding, the organizational platform, and business development. This paper is(More)
Based on the authors own experience from work in and with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME), this paper discusses about obstacles and possible impediments for SMEs to increase their usage of Collaborative Working Environments (CWE). The conclusion is that barriers for CWE research to become SME practice are weak communication infrastructures,(More)
A stream validation system called SVALI is developed in order to continuously validate correct behavior of industrial equipment. A functional data model allows the user to define meta-data, analyses, and queries about the monitored equipment in terms of types and functions. Two different approaches to validate that sensor readings in a data stream indicate(More)
In manufacturing industries, sensors are often installed on industrial equipment generating high volumes of data in real-time. For shortening the machine downtime and reducing maintenance costs, it is critical to analyze efficiently this kind of streams in order to detect abnormal behavior of equipment. For validating data streams to detect anomalies, a(More)
  • I Wargelius, H Fahlke, Suomi Sj, Oreland L, Higley Jd, Iii Malmberg +20 others
  • 2011
Platelet monoamine oxidase activity predicts alcohol sensitivity and voluntary alcohol intake in rhesus monkeys. Ups J Med Sci. (2006) Further evidence for an association of 5-HTTLPR with intensity dependence of auditory evoked potentials. (2008) ADHD and Disruptive Behavior scores-associations with MAO-A and 5-HTT genes and with platelet MAO-B activity in(More)