John Lindström

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aBstraCt This article describes research in progress of a design approach for crisis management information systems. A qualitative study was designed to gather data from four municipalities in northern Sweden, which all have responsibility for crisis management in each local environment. The purpose with the article is to discuss broad but strongly related(More)
A stream validation system called SVALI is developed in order to continuously validate correct behavior of industrial equipment. A functional data model allows the user to define meta-data, analyses, and queries about the monitored equipment in terms of types and functions. Two different approaches to validate that sensor readings in a data stream indicate(More)
Based on the authors own experience from work in and with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME), this paper discusses about obstacles and possible impediments for SMEs to increase their usage of Collaborative Working Environments (CWE). The conclusion is that barriers for CWE research to become SME practice are weak communication infrastructures,(More)
The purpose of this paper is to highlight problems regarding user actability and security implementations – what are the important mechanisms that affect actability in usage situations? Alignment between actability and strategic IS-planning and security issues is of the essence. However, serious gaps in alignment have been identified concerning strategic(More)
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