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Four patients had the characteristic features of choledochal cyst except for the cystic component. All patients had stenosis of the distal common bile duct, a "long common channel" secondary to a proximal junction of the common bile and pancreatic ducts, cholecystitis and the classic pathological microscopic features of choledochal cyst in the wall of the(More)
Congenital right posterolateral (Bochdalek's) diaphragmatic hernia usually has clinical manifestations different from those of left Bochdalek's hernia; it often masquerades as a pleural effusion, an asymptomatic intrathoracic mass, or an intestinal obstruction. The primary reason for the difference in symptoms is the presence of the liver on the right,(More)
The Registry provides information about 904 children with biliary atresia from more than 100 institutions. There was a 1.4 to 1 female predominance; racial distribution was 62% caucasian, 20% black, 11% Hispanic, 4.2% asian, and 1.5% American Indian. Eight hundred sixteen (90%) underwent corrective surgery (median age at operation, 69 days).(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors investigated risk factors for failure after portoenterostomy for biliary atresia using univariate and multivariable methods. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Kasai's portoenterostomy has gained worldwide acceptance as the initial surgical therapy for infants with biliary atresia. Although extended survival has been achieved for many patients,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate long-term outcome in a series of children with biliary results atresia treated by portoenterostomy. DESIGN Case series of consecutive infants with biliary atresia with 10-year follow-up. Data were obtained by retrospective chart review or phone interview. SETTING A tertiary academic medical center and regional children's hospital.(More)
Acute gastric volvulus occurred in nine infants and one older child during the past 19 years; all patients had an associated left diaphragmatic anomaly. There were seven examples of eventration of the diaphragm, two of giant hiatal hernia and one Bochdalek hernia. Nine of the ten patients presented with vomiting and one with acute respiratory distress. The(More)