John Light

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The Personal Server is a mobile device that enables you to readily store and access the data and applications you carry with you through interfaces found in the local environment. Unlike conventional mobile computers with relatively poor user interfaces, it does not have a display at all, instead wirelessly utilizing displays, keyboards and other IO devices(More)
Advanced personal wireless mobile devices, such as today's emerging smart-phones, are capable computers that have the potential to enable individuals to share personal content, such as photographs, music, and video. Face-to-face sharing can be a satisfying and even emotional experience, yet it is not well supported by existing digital technologies, which(More)
Adolescent substance use is a developmentally contingent social practice that is constituted within the routine social-environment of adolescents' lives. Few studies have examined peer networks, perceived activity space risk (risk of substance use at routine locations), and substance use. We examined the moderating influence of peer network characteristics(More)
BACKGROUND Social support and characteristics of one's social network have been shown to be beneficial for abstinence and substance use disorder recovery. The current study explores how specific sources of social support relate to general feelings of social support and abstinence-specific self-efficacy. METHODS Data were collected from 31 of 33(More)
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