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The Personal Server is a mobile device that enables you to readily store and access the data and applications you carry with you through interfaces found in the local environment. Unlike conventional mobile computers with relatively poor user interfaces, it does not have a display at all, instead wirelessly utilizing displays, keyboards and other IO devices(More)
There is a need for safe medications that can effectively support recovery by treating symptoms of protracted abstinence that may precipitate relapse in alcoholics, e.g. craving and disturbances in sleep and mood. This proof-of-concept study reports on the effectiveness of gabapentin 1200 mg for attenuating these symptoms in a non-treatment-seeking sample(More)
RATIONALE Laboratory paradigms are useful for investigating mechanisms of human alcohol cue reactivity in a highly controlled environment. A number of studies have examined the effects of beverage exposure or negative affective stimuli on cue reactivity independently, but only a few have reported on interaction effects between beverage cue and affective(More)
There are no FDA-approved pharmacotherapies for cannabis dependence. Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the world, and patients seeking treatment for primary cannabis dependence represent 25% of all substance use admissions. We conducted a phase IIa proof-of-concept pilot study to examine the safety and efficacy of a calcium channel/GABA(More)
preseni an empirical exploration oJpeer network mechanisms that encourage nntisocial behavior in early adolescents. We apply SIENA, u network modeling n~eihodology that uddresses developmentully changing, statistically dependent interperronaljriendships. Evidence supports the hypothesis that adolescer~t peer groups play a significant role in the genesis of(More)
Advanced personal wireless mobile devices, such as today's emerging smart-phones, are capable computers that have the potential to enable individuals to share personal content, such as photographs, music, and video. Face-to-face sharing can be a satisfying and even emotional experience, yet it is not well supported by existing digital technologies, which(More)
Adolescent substance use is a developmentally contingent social practice that is constituted within the routine social-environment of adolescents' lives. Few studies have examined peer networks, perceived activity space risk (risk of substance use at routine locations), and substance use. We examined the moderating influence of peer network characteristics(More)
Antisocial behavior typically increases during early adolescence, but the possibility of seasonal variation has not been examined. In this study, trajectories of antisocial behavior were estimated for early adolescent boys and girls. Data were obtained from a 3-year longitudinal study of 11 middle schools in the western U.S. (n = 5,742), with assessments(More)